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If you are a Lebanese* employee between 18 & 64 years of age, you can finance item(s) $500 to $6000 in value through our partner, MONEY S.A.L., who specialize in providing ‘quick & easy’ consumer loans. If you’d like to finance your order, just choose the “Financing through MONEY S.A.L.” option during Checkout. When you do, your info will be received and a customer support representative will contact you shortly after.

Please note that Phonefinity has NO INFLUENCE on the approval process. MONEY S.A.L. reserves the right to approve or reject any application, and your order will be processed once we receive the approval on your loan application.

For more info contact us

Phonefinity:  70 – 686406

MONEY S.A.L.:  01 – 493811

* Non-Lebanese can apply if they have a Lebanese guarantor.